Pink Sofa News

December 15 - Important Message


To improve the quality of the connections we provide you, so that you meet more genuine women, the following will occur on December 17th:

  • If Basic members have not logged into the site for six months their profiles will be hidden. This means you are more likely to meet members who are still interested in hearing from you and meeting you. Profiles of Premium subscribing members will always be displayed regardless of whether they have logged in or not meaning they can always receive communications of interest from other members.
  • All profiles will display "Last Logged In" so you can see how recently the member was online. This will also help you to determine who is serious and who is not.
  • Only subscribing Premium members will be able to send and read messages. This will add more value to the service we provide and encourage more women to pay for our service if they are serious about connecting and communicating. Free members will be able to see the first line of the message rather than the whole message.
  • Only subscribing Premium members will be able to post and make comments on our ChitChat and Forums. Free members will still be able to view all posts and comments.. Again this will increase the value of the service we provide to our paying members and encourage non paying members to subscribe if they are serious about connecting with others and being part of our exclusive Pink Sofa community.


To improve our service so you are notified about others who may interest you

  • From now on you will receive email notifications when any of your Friends or Saved login, update their profile description, add a profile photo or add a gallery photo. You can easily opt out of receiving notifications or notifications being sent out about your activity. Just go to the Settings page on the website. This will ensure you are notified when anyone who interests you makes updates or is on the website, providing you with a better service.
  • From now on you will receive email notifications when anyone within ten years age of you who lives in your region joins the Pink Sofa. This will alert you to new members so you can see if you are interested in them.


Simple Table explaining our Pink Sofa Member Offering


Functions Premium Subscribing Member Basic Free Member
Send and Receive Messages ×  
Instant Messenger Access ×  
Post and Comment on Chit Chat ×  
Post and Comment on forums ×  
Priority Listing in Search Results ×  
Access to Customer Service ×  
Profile always displayed* ×  
Send Smiles × ×
Add to Friends List × ×
Add to Saved List (Likes) × ×


*Basic members' profiles will be hidden after 6 months of inactivity