Your safety is very important to us. To ensure you have the best Pink Sofa experience possible, please read the following information carefully.


If you have any safety concerns please contact us immediately.


Be smart, Be sure, Be safe, Be secure


Be smart


NEVER EVER send anyone any money and please report them to us immediately. Every year millions of dollars are lost to scammers around the world. There are very few incidents of scammers on Pink Sofa website however to ensure that you do not get scammed please heed our advice. Scammers groom their victims for months to gain their trust before they ask for money. Often they will ask for money for a medical situation or because they are stranded somewhere on their way to meet you. Regardless of the story, if you NEVER EVER send anyone money that you meet on a website, you will not become a victim.

Be sure


While you might like to talk on the phone, don't give out your phone number immediately. Try Skype first instead.


Be safe


If you decide to meet, always meet in a busy place with other people around, like a cafe, a bar, restaurant or mall.


DON'T EVER arrange to meet someone at your house the first time you meet, and don't take someone back to your house until you feel very, very sure about them.


Be secure


Never tell anyone your Pink Sofa password and don't leave your password lying around.


Make sure you log out after you use the website especially if someone else uses the same computer.